You’ll Have an Easier Time Doing Your Job When You Have a Ladder Rack

Posted on Mar 24 2017 - 1:00am by Jamie Moffet

A man painting a room with a ladder next to himLadders make it easy to perform chores, from trimming tree branches to performing electrical tasks. If you own a business, like landscaping and groundskeeping or electrical repairs, then you must surely see the important role of ladders in your business. The only question that remains is how do you bring these ladders to your work?

The Ladder

The most common type of ladder is step ladders, with a standing height of 2.8 meters. Usually, these ladders are made of industrial-grade aluminium and can reach heights of up to 4.8 meters. This ladder is ideal if your tasks include pruning tree branches, trimming tops of tall shrubs, or hedge plants. It is also best suited for repairing difficult to reach wirings in tall ceilings and similar areas. SafeWork NSW reminds that you need to be aware of the risks associated with ladder use, though.


In most instances, the vehicles used for this kind of businesses are closed vans. This is not a general rule, though, as you can use other types of vehicles appropriate for your business. The point here is that you must have a vehicle that can carry all the things you need for you to get the job done.

Ladder Racks

As you will be taking ladders with you, your vehicle should be outfitted with commercial ladder racks. You can travel at regular speeds without fear of these ladders falling on the road and hitting other vehicles. Best of all, ladder racks are designed to carry many types and sizes of ladders. If you are wondering where to get them, you can buy commercial ladder racks in Australia from utility or hardware shops.

All you need is to be sure that the ladder racks are within specifications as stated in the Department of Transport policy on vehicle safety and standards.

Maximum Convenience

Ladder racks are designed with your well-being in mind, which is why they have features that make everything easy for you. Among its notable features is its ability to be operated from the ground, eliminating the need to lift them high above your shoulders. This saves you from putting a lot of strain on your lower back, neck and shoulders, which could become a future health issue. Using these racks, you can easily take the ladder off or slide them back in without great effort. The racks also have automatic clamp features that hold the ladders firmly for safe transport.

Using ladders to perform tasks allow you to use time efficiently. This means that you can work within your specified timeframe with ease and comfort. As long as your vehicle is outfitted with a ladder rack, you can always take a ladder with you to help perform your duties easily and faster.