August 31, 2018 1 min to read

Why HDPE Pipes and Fittings are Ideal Piping Solutions

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High-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes are thermoplastic pipes used for large scale conveyance and transport of gases and liquids. They are also used as protection for electrical and telecommunication cables. Many industries today increasingly use HDPE pipes, especially in plumbing, construction and energy. Pipes made of HDPE are becoming the top choice for contractors and engineers given their many advantages over metal pipes.

Strength and Durability

The crucial characteristic of HDPE is its high strength-to-density ratio, making HDPE pipes ideal for heavy-duty use despite being a lightweight material. Because of this strength, HDPE pipes can endure high amounts of force and pressure from the different substances they transport. As a non-metal, they are also immune to rust and corrosion that affects metal pipes. They are also durable in unstable terrains and other extreme environments, with a projected lifespan averaging 50 years.

Leak Prevention

Leaks are the most common reasons for pipe failure and replacement. Leaks commonly occur due to damage to the pipe body or the fittings on the joints. However, HDPE pipes are compatible with poly electrofusion fittings which prevent any possibility of leakage. Electrofusion methods utilise heat to melt the fittings and pipes together at precise points, thereby integrating the joint seamlessly. The pipe networks can be completely sealed, lessening the need for constant repair and replacement.


High-density polyethylene pipes offer more flexibility than metal pipes, as they can bend without breaking or succumbing to pressure. Installation is also convenient given the lightweight nature of the material. The welding methods are also efficient, especially when using electrofusion, and enable HDPE pipes carrying different materials to be bunched together in common trenching. Future repairs and upgrades are possible without overhauling the entire pipeline, making an HDPE piped system economical.

By investing in HDPE piped systems, many companies stand to benefit from the efficiency and durability of a high-quality material, and find a reliable solution to a variety of piping requirements.