Why Arrowhead Pieces Should Be in Your Collection Too

Posted on Jan 27 2017 - 1:00am by

Collecting Arrowheads in AustraliaAside from the fact that arrowheads are cool novelty items unless of course, you will use it for hunting — which is cooler, by the way — it’s something that  grows in value over time.

For this reason, Global Gear says you need to be to care for it the way you maintain your other novelty items such as your samurai swords and cosplay costumes, so you can continue to enjoy your collection and possibly hand it down in the future.

Keep in mind that arrowheads require special care because you’re dealing with a crafted material. If you already keep some arrowhead pieces and you have no idea on how to maintain them correctly, then this article will greatly help you retain its condition.

So for your guide, here are some care tips you can follow and some ideas about arrowhead collecting if you’re not yet into the habit.

More than Just Pointy Shards

What makes arrowheads a remarkable collection is the history they’re associated with. For this reason, you have to make sure to keep track of where you bought (or picked up) a particular piece and all the necessary information. Apart from the rarity of the material itself, what adds value to arrowheads is the skill involved and the purpose of its creation.

How to them Store Properly

To make cleaning a breeze, you have to first catalogue the arrowheads by date. You can sort out the pieces by following these steps:

  • Label the case of each item or set of items by date or number.
  • Print out the details about the manufacturing process of the arrowhead.
  • Photograph the arrowhead in its case and place it alongside the printed details. File everything in a binder or whatever organiser you have on hand.

Storage Materials

Of course, you should also consider where and how you will house the arrowheads. But, as a rule, the sturdier your casings are, the less you have to maintain it. Consider airtight containers such as glass or plastic. These are effective in keeping dust, dirt, oxygen from ruining the item quality.

Remember, along with swords, bows and arrows also ruled the ancient world. Therefore, collecting arrowhead piece is just as awesome as everything else.