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August 2, 2018 1 min to read

What are the Essential Elements of a Corporate Video?

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Videos are important and influential tools in today’s marketing landscape. They are effective because they display varied emotions, non-verbal cues, and tone of voice–all in one content. Before you produce your own, however, it needs to have certain elements to raise the possibility of success.

Experts on corporate video production in Denver cite the following elements that your videos need to have.

Good Script

A powerful message and good storytelling are important to the success of your corporate videos. A story that your audience can relate to improves engagement. The latter is what you need not just to deliver the messages you want, but also to make them memorable. Once you fascinate the people watching, it’s easier to convince them and direct their actions towards what you want.

When writing the script, narrow your audience, think of a specific group you intend to reach. After you identify them, simplify to just one individual. Speaking to a single person makes your video more effective.


This sets and even dictates the tone and mood of the video. Music can elicit all sorts of emotions from those who hear it. You can create an atmosphere of excitement, happiness, want, and others depending on the need of the story. When you elicit the emotion you intended, you get the response you desire.

The Right Length

A video that’s either too short or too long will not get you the desired effect. If you want a direct approach, squeeze all the pertinent information within a minute and a half. For more detailed instructional videos, 10 minutes is just about right.

Attention to Details

Detail is important in producing videos; everything that happens and appears on screen must have value. The colors, the clothes the actors wear, and the items displayed need to convey the message you want and reinforce your brand. All these add to the overall success of your video.

These are some of the elements your corporate videos need to have to succeed and grab the attention of your intended audience. Consult with experts before shooting and producing.