Top 3 Online Shopping Trends You Shouldn’t Follow

Posted on Feb 10 2015 - 6:27am by Candy Visser

DIY BracesAttention, online shoppers! Just before you hit those “buy” icons, are you really sure you won’t find them in real outlet stores?

Online shopping has served you not only convenience, but also a complete catalogue of goods that are low-priced. But, would you trade always-on-sale prices with your own health? This could mean bigger expenses later on. So, read on and see if you really need to buy these things.

Slimming Pills

More and more women are lured by online shops that sell slimming pills. These drugs, according to its branding, guarantee weight lost in just 14 days or so. With the promises posed online, how sure are you about its safety?

The target market of slimming pills has always been women who are desperate to find a quick-fix of shedding a few pounds. But, did you know that these pills can actually make you psychotic? What’s more, taking these dangerous pills can make you dizzy, cause palpitations or even death.

DIY Braces

Instagram is becoming a popular website where shoppers lurk to find Do-It-Yourself braces. But, a reported incident showed that DIY braces bought online can actually cause serious problems to the teeth. Because braces are becoming an Asian stint, buying fake braces has become a norm, especially to those who want to join the trend. More serious cosmetic dentistry procedures are needed to fix this problem.

Prescription Glasses

From food to clothing, the Internet has become useful to some stylish shoppers. But, single out prescription glasses from your list of online shopping needs! Did you know that the American Optometric Association found that 44.8 percent of the tested prescription glasses bought online had incorrect prescriptions or safety issues? You can enjoy a frame of eyeglasses that costs only a quarter of its real market value, but compromising your eye health can definitely cost you more.

Make sure to buy from real, authenticated stores for your safety. Or, you can visit online shops that are accredited by the government.