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April 2, 2018 1 min to read

The Paid Media Channel Options You Can Use for Your Business

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When a business uses paid media, it utilizes external marketing efforts that require a paid placement. This type of media, when executed properly, can serve as an influential outlet for sales and lead generation.

Deciding where to invest those media dollars is not always easy. Currently, many paid media channels exist that can raise brand awareness and increase revenue. If you want to learn more about the available options, here’s a quick guide on a few of the prominent paid media channels.

Google AdWords

Google is the king of paid media channels. If you plan to promote your business online, Google is an excellent choice. You can use AdWords to target individuals based on their search queries. Moreover, you can pair AdWords with Google Display Network (GDN), a tool that lets you do display targeting.

Facebook Ads

Facebook provides various types of paid media opportunities. Marketers, for instance, can use targeted Facebook ads to get a product or service in front of highly specific groups of individuals. Additionally, marketers can utilize Facebook to make retargeting ads to convert bounced visits.

The good thing about Facebook ads is that they drive loads of traffic inexpensively due to their low average cost per click (CPC). Moreover, the ads work well with visually appealing brands. If you’re looking to build awareness on a sleek new clothing line, Facebook ads are the ideal option for you.


LinkedIn, like Facebook, relies on its capability to target specific demographics effectively. Releasing your ads to the right audience is easy, thanks to the professional network’s ability to target users based on their industry-related groups and job title.

Take note, though, that LinkedIn is more suitable for B2B-related brands. If you find that your niche business solution hasn’t been gaining traction with other paid media channels, give LinkedIn a shot.

Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, and LinkedIn are some of the top paid media channels you can use for your business. Before you commit to a paid media channel, experiment first to find out which option is best for your situation. Conducting tests allows you to discover which paid media opportunity drives the highest return on investment (ROI) for your business.