The Neat and Clean Tips on Starting a Coin-Operated Laundry

Posted on Dec 27 2013 - 5:27am by Jillian Bissonette

commercial washer serviceA coin-operated laundry business can be your ticket to entrepreneurial success. It’s now getting a facelift, and the trend toward coin laundries are preferred by more customers. No longer dingy, boring places, laundromats are now multiservice centers customers enjoy visiting.

While it seems basic, it’s still a smart idea to create a business plan. From getting professional commercial washer service to offering a drop-off service, here are some ways to differentiate your business and attract regular customers.

Have Snack Bars or Video Games

A few coin-operated laundry centers have snack bars, areas to leave and pick up dry cleaning, and video games. Some laundry centers don’t use coins, but swipe cards. This, though, is costly if you’re just new in the industry. To save money, hire attendants who will monitor the store and help customers use the equipment.

Offer a Drop-Off Service

Consider offering a drop-off service for your busy customers who don’t have enough time to stay and do the laundry themselves. Hire attendants who have domestic cleaning experience and are experts in handling all types of clothing.

Check regularly if the Machines are Working Well

Machines that are out of service won’t bring in revenue. Conduct regular maintenance even on your new machines to make sure they will run at their best. Customers don’t like to use washers that don’t spin properly or dryers that only work on certain options. Hire a commercial washer service provider who can repair even the smallest issues to avoid bigger problems later.

Find a Strategic Location

Your coin-operated laundry business should be located in a densely populated, middle-to-high income area with parking. This type of business performs well in areas with single-family houses, as they find it more convenient and cost efficient to use the local coin laundry service. Busy parents also don’t want to be tied up with laundry chores and don’t have the desire to buy a dryer and washer, so they use coin laundries.

A coin-operated laundry business is a clever investment. It’s an all-cash, low labor, and recession-proof business with a significant return on investment. With the wash-and-wear practice, you’ll find more people turning to coin-operated laundry centers for their laundry needs.