Little Bumps Inside the Mouth: Possible Causes of Canker Sores

Posted on Oct 23 2014 - 12:00am by Ted Toohey

canker soreWhile typical canker sores are common in children and teens, they can also occur later on in life. Canker sores usually spring up inside the lip, cheek, under the tongue, or at the base of the gums. In most cases, they form one at a time, but it is also possible to get multiple sores in a little cluster.

The exact cause of canker sores remains unclear, but researchers believe that a combination of different factors contribute to it. Here are some of the possible reasons for canker sores:

Acidic and Citrus Foods

Citrus fruits and acidic foods are known to cause irritation in the gums. They can further trigger canker sores when there is stress on the tissues inside the mouth. This is because the mouth is prone to react to the acidic nature of food. You can ease discomfort by eating bland foods such as dairy products, mashed potatoes, and hot cereal.

Mouth Injuries

Biting the inside of your lip or brushing too hard can cause sores, too. According to Strand and Vale Dental Centre, harsh oral products like mouthwash and poorly fitted dentures can cause stress or injury of mouth tissues and may cause canker sores. It is important to maintain proper oral hygiene and visit your dentist twice a year for a healthy mouth.

Nutritional Deficiency

Canker sores may also spring up because of nutritional deficiency. Several studies suggest that they can be triggered further when there is shortage in zinc, iron, or folic acid. Calcium deficiency, on the other hand, can cause or worsen the sores. Keeping a healthy and balanced diet is important to avoid nutritional deficiencies.

Treatment for Canker Sores

While they won’t hurt as much in the first few days, it may take two weeks for the sores to heal. During those days, it is best to be careful when eating or brushing your teeth. Avoid scraping the sores, as it can it hurt more. You can ask your doctors for some medication to dull the pain.

If you develop a large sore that keeps you from eating, see your dentist or doctor to check it out. It is also a good idea to eat nutritious food, get adequate sleep, and try not to get too upset to avoid the sores.