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September 21, 2018 1 min to read

Intended Goals of an Efficient Supermarket Design Layout

Category : Business

A good supermarket should be arranged in such a way that it creates a positive shopping experience. Stocking all the necessary commodities is not enough if the supermarket fails to meet the appropriate design requirements. Spacious aisles, labelled sections, and an overall proper organisation are all paramount to creating a positive experience for your customers.

Customer flow

Customer flow ranks high among the essential goals of a good design layout. The layout selected must allow for the smooth movement of customers around the supermarket. One way is through the installation of modern supermarket rack systems. Such systems allow for the efficient utilisation of the supermarket floor space while maintaining accessible aisles. The racks have also been modified to ensure a proper display of the commodities on offer.

Hybrid layouts

In the past, supermarket owners used to select a single layout from the list of available design layouts. However, there has been increasing favour for hybrid layouts that combine two or more traditional layouts. One way is through combing the loop and the grid layouts to achieve a higher-tier layout design. The loops may be installed on the periphery of the supermarket’s floor space with the grinds occupying the inner portion of the floor space.

Visual appeal

The visual appeal of a supermarket is a contributing factor to your customers’ shopping experience. Customers are likely to be attracted to a visually appealing supermarket as opposed to a plain one. As a supermarket owner, you want to trigger potential customers into shopping. The way you organise and arrange your store therefore provides an effective way of doing so. For example, confectionery such as sweets and candies should be strategically placed around the billing area.

When selecting a supermarket design layout, the essential factors to consider are the commodities to be displayed and the expected customer behaviour. You may opt for free-flow plans to influence customers to browse through different commodity sections.