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July 23, 2018 1 min to read

In the Name of Curb Appeal: 3 Cs in Dealing with Outdoor Eyesores

Category : Home Improvement

When you flip through interior design magazines or websites, it looks like decorating the home’s facade is an easy, carefree project. In reality, though, you have unsightly garden hoses, trash bins, and air conditioning units throwing off curb appeal instantly. While these things make for a terrible front yard, they also present an opportunity for an exciting design project.

Start planning how to deal with these outdoor eyesores. Here are the 3Cs to keep in mind when doing that:


Obviously, this is the first option: hide the unsightly. Filter the views of your neighbors using fences. You may get professionals for this or take on a DIY aluminum fence installation project.

If you have unused wooden slats in your shed, repurpose and use them to cover air conditioning units and trash bins. If your hose is constantly tossed at disarray across your yard, an upcycled plant box can be a good storage area. Get a fresh new paint for the plant box to give it some flair.

For unattractive PVC pipes, some homeowners use faux rocks to hide them. This doesn’t just instantly conceal the ugly; they also jive into the over-all landscaping design.


Another way you can deal with outdoor eyesores is to mask them. What some people do is play with just one color. For instance, they will place their black trash bins against a black wall or a black vinyl fence. The unsightly bin now becomes unnoticeable from afar.

You may also use plants for camouflage. Say, position a few potted flowering plants at the top of the concrete lid of your septic tank. This way, you’re not just covering this ugly feature but also in a way, prettifying it.

Channel (the View to Something Else)

One of the best things to deal with unsightly stuff is to not make them noticeable, precisely by highlighting what should be noticeable. In short, derail the view of onlookers. Instead of them looking at the unpleasant, direct them to the pleasant.

You can do this easily by featuring bold design elements on your yard, like a fierce, red front door or exterior lighting that creates drama in the space.

Those unsightly items in your yard are opportunities for an exciting design project. Take inspiration from these tips when dealing with them.