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June 5, 2017 1 min to read

Why Images Can Make or Break Your Website

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Images are a great device when trying to convey messages. People with different languages can communicate using them, and a single photograph can evoke different meanings and emotions without using a single word.

As opposed to simple texts, images are also more entertaining since they engage the senses; it is also based on the fact that humans are visual creatures. For example, reading an article online is more engaging when there are images present. They can also give the readers a deeper understanding of the subject.

Websites with images have a high chance of attracting their target audience, although it does not mean that any image will do to get the advantage they are seeking. Here are some important factors to consider when choosing images for your website.

Human Images

Pictures of people on your site have a positive impact on a visitor’s first impression. Visitors see your site as trustworthy, and their emotional connection to it is stronger. It is important that you use real photos instead of stock photos to further promote authenticity. Moreover, there are certain copyright risks if you use stock photos you just found online.

High Quality

Quality photos make for great digital engagement and interaction. Paying to have a few professional photographs is a great investment because not only it will improve the overall look of your website, it further integrates you as an authority figure.

No to Generic Photos

Like using stock images, using generic photos will not achieve the same engagement as you are trying to reach. Additionally, using generic photos could mean that other brands and businesses might have used it for their websites. Sharing images with other companies will not help you to have a strong brand identity.

We love images. We do not exert too much effort to understand them, and they are highly entertaining; using them for your website can be highly beneficial when executed correctly.

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