Heavy on the Heart – Low-Key Signs That Could Mean Clogged Arteries

Posted on Mar 7 2015 - 2:09am by Ted Toohey

clogged arteriesHeart disease is a leading cause of death in the U.S. There are approximately 600,000 fatalities from a solitary illness yearly, which is an alarming number. The popularity of fast food chains certainly doesn’t help, with their oil-soaked, sugar-laced offerings, people are bound to get sick. In addition, portion sizes are becoming bigger today.

There were about 720,000 Americans who suffered a heart attack last year. That number, along with the aforementioned death count, is proof that the fatality rate is a cause for concern.

One of the main causes of heart attack is insufficient supply of blood, which stems from blocked veins. Veniti.com, a stenting innovator, recommends watching out for these low-key signs of clogged arteries:

1. Baldness

In a study of 7,000 people, moderate to complete baldness doubles the risk of dying from heart attack.

Vegetables: It’s highly endorsed that everyone should include vegetables in their everyday diet. Starting small is ideal, with one serving per day until it becomes a staple in meals.

2. Calf Pain

Atherosclerosis, or plaque buildup in arteries, is a major cause of calf pain. It halts the delivery of blood, which results to claudication, the condition’s medical term.

Herbs and Spices: These two contain the chemicals that protect plants from pests. It’s going to do the same with human cells. Some examples are turmeric, sweet-spice cinnamon and allium that’s found in garlic

3. Ear Crease

Ear crease has been mentioned in several medical research reports as a low-key sign of coronary heart disease (CHD). Some argue that it’s a mark of aging, but with the use of a sophisticated CT scanner, it’s been proven that an ear crease forecasts a heart attack.

Naked meat: You can find these in supermarkets by looking for a label “hormone and antibiotic free.”It’s rich in omega-3 fatty acids that are good for the ol’ thumper.

4. Erectile Dysfunction

It’s been dubbed as the men’s warning system against CHD. It stems from clogged arteries in the pelvis. From the moment that it won’t get up, one has three to five years before that heart attack arrives.

Tea: A serving of this traditionally British drink contains flavonoids, a helper in neutralizing oxidation in the body. Three cups a day is the optimum amount of serving. But, for a newbie, one serving is good enough for a start.

Starting early, even little by little, is better than starting big when a heart attack is imminent. A quest for a healthy body is never a waste and will pay off handsomely in the future.