Geek Is the New Black: Have Nerds Inherited the Earth?

Posted on Jan 4 2017 - 6:50am by Athrun Depp

Cosplayer in AustraliaIt seems like eons ago when ‘geeks’ and ‘nerds’ were stereotyped as people who could never get dates and bullied for liking comic books, superheroes and the like. Right now, however, it’s like everyone wants a piece of geek culture. With almost 70 live-action comic book adaptations to look forward to in just the next few years, you might be asking: is it the age of the nerds at last?

Whatever era we have entered, it is undeniable that geek culture has permeated mainstream culture. From the newest instalment in the Harry Potter universe to merchandise and theme parks that cater to the ‘geek demand’, gone are the days when liking fictional creations were something to be made fun of. One of the prime examples of this is the transition of cosplaying from weird to cool.

Cosplay: The New Normal

Halloween used to be the only time when it was acceptable for people to come out in public dressed in strange and outlandish apparel. These days, there are multitudinous conventions around the world where famous artists and internationally-renowned cosplayers are invited to participate in the events. Furthermore, in Australia, Global Gear’s professionals say cosplayers shop for only the best replicas to complete their costumes as they are dedicated to detail and accuracy.

Why Do Nerds Cosplay?

Many perceive cosplaying, or completely embodying their favourite character through detailed costuming, as a way to embrace what that character means for them. These ‘nerds’ see these characters as an extension of themselves and find that they connect more fully with their favourites by becoming them, even for just a little while.

Additionally, cosplayers who suit up in their gear in public places give kids the chance to meet these characters too. There are many accounts of kids who meet, for example, Wonder Woman, Darth Vader and Harry Potter cosplayers and think they are the real characters. They line up for photos with them and for a brief, whimsical moment, they believe they’ve met their heroes.

Everyone has a hobby and it looks like this is the age where then-considered ‘geeky’ activities are now more accepted and even beloved in certain circles.