Building a Shed? Here are 3 Tips to Get it Right

Posted on Nov 17 2016 - 5:46pm by Jillian Bissonette

DIY ShedWith all your DIY projects and materials swiftly piling up your garage and even spilling over into the living room, it’s safe to say that you’re in dire need of extra space. You need a dedicated area to store all your tools and equipment–it’s not safe having them lying around. Unfortunately, you don’t really have a spare room just for projects – but you do have space out back. You need a shed.

Unlike another room in your house, a shed is a very simple structure that you probably can build yourself. Here are some tips from Wasatch Steel.

Choose a Functional Size

Your shed doesn’t have to be so huge that it takes up most of your backyard space. Depending on the purpose of the shed you’re building, a smaller structure would probably suffice. Besides, you don’t want to start a big project that will take you a long time to finish. If it’s just for storage, a shed as big as a normal-sized bedroom is enough to serve its purpose.

Plan for a Solid Foundation

Backyard soil is usually soft due to high hydration. If you’re building your shed out of wood, you must find a place that’s elevated and won’t expose the wood to the wet soil too much. If there’s no spot like this in the backyard, you can build a foundation out of concrete and bricks. This will help stabilize the shed and not harm the wood at the same time.

Select the Right Material

Most sheds are made of wood. If you can find a good deal on sheet steel for sale, you can build yourself a sturdy steel shed as well. Wooden sheds require meticulous maintenance that includes constant waterproofing and regular staining to keep it from rotting. Steel sheds, especially those made of galvanized steel, are extremely sturdy and long-lasting.

Collect your equipment, call suppliers, and get the power tools ready. Draw up a plan and start building!