Advantages of Having Your Own Rainwater Tank

Posted on Apr 6 2017 - 8:47am by Athrun Depp

Water Bill ConceptDepending on where you live, water can be an expensive resource. This is why many homes in NSW opt to get rainwater tanks to help save money on this basic need.

When buying, tank expert Rapid Plas recommends poly water tanks, as they are UV stabilised, taste-free and odour-free.

Here are some of the benefits you can get if you get your own rainwater tank.

Reduction in Water Bills

One of the top advantages of having your own rainwater tank is that it helps you lower the costs of your water bills. You can use collected rainwater for a wide variety of household chores such as watering the plants, cleaning the patio and washing the car.

If you do not have stored rainwater, you would normally get your water from your water supply, and the amount will register on your monthly water bill.

Protects Mother Earth From Preventable Damage

Rainwater can cause soil erosion and floods. But if you collect rainwater on your own tanks, not only will you get to prevent natural damages to the environment, you’re also ensuring a level of protection for your own community in cases of flash fires and other calamities that require water.

Use It for Drinking

There are commercially available filtration and purification processes that can turn rainwater into safe drinking water. This will greatly help you lower your dependence on commercial water supply and can provide you with potable water in cases of emergency such as the Flint Water Crisis in 2016.

With you own water purification process, you guarantee the quality of water your family drinks.

Rainwater tanks are low maintenance, and you can collect as much rainwater as you can without worrying about its toll on the environment. Having this kind of reserve water gives you peace of mind that you have your own water supply in emergency cases.