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We founded Connection Time with a passion to share the latest news that matters. We want to help the new generation of readers and thinkers from all over the world by providing them with the latest news, trends, and cutting-edge technology from business, technology, science, people, travel, industrial and general news.

We strive to be in the forefront of giving valuable knowledge and the right information. That’s why we continue to publish high-quality articles through cutting-edge research and insight.  We believe that these articles will help you, our readers, to broaden their knowledge about our world and society.

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We are composed of a highly skilled team from different industries that are eager to provide you comprehensive information.

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Whether you’re looking for the latest news about a new startup in town or looking for a new productivity technique that can help you achieve more, we got you covered.  We started with a few articles and due to a high demand of readers, we already tripled our articles.

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We spend countless hours on researching and fact gathering with a single article. It’s our mantra to provide a fact backup article that you can use on whenever purpose that can help you. Our researchers compare different sources and validate this to bring you to bring you the very best editorials and articles that you can read.