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September 21, 2018 1 min to read

5 Storm Door Benefits That You Didn’t Know

Category : Home Improvement

Considering the Centennial State’s harsh weather, the value of storm doors in Denver, CO couldn’t be overemphasized. You may consider them an afterthought, but they’re never a waste of money. They’re cost-effective additions to prolong the beauty and structural integrity of your main, exterior doors. They act as sacrificial units, which bear the brunt of the elements.

But, the benefits of storm doors don’t end there. Apart from increasing your home’s weather resistance, here are the other things they do to make your space more livable:

1. Reinforcing Security

Storm door systems serve as an extra barrier between your family, along with your valuable possessions, and potential intruders. Picking the lock of one point of entry can be challenging enough to determined burglars, but jimmying one, sturdy door makes the task more difficult and dangerous. With proper installation, storm doors with reliable safety features render your interior practically impregnable.

2. Elevating Energy Efficiency

According to the Department of Energy, storm doors can reduce energy waste by 50%. If you’re unsatisfied with your home’s insulation, they make for an excellent investment.

3. Boosting Day lighting

Have you always wanted more illumination in your foyer, but your entry door lacks a transom or fanlights? The use of a storm door solves your day lighting needs. Glazed nearly from top to bottom, you can leave your main unit open as it admits plenty of sunshine sans unwanted drafts.

4. Improving Indoor Climate

Many storm doors come with interchangeable glass and screen inserts. The latter allows you to optimize natural ventilation to push indoor pollutants out and expel excessive moisture.

5. Keeping Insects at Bay

If air and water can’t penetrate through high-quality storm doors, so can’t bugs. The holes of their screens are big enough to breathe in fresh breezes, but too small for most unwanted guests.

With so many aesthetic options to choose from, storm doors can very well contribute to your home’s curb appeal too. Pay attention to every single detail to pick units that are both stylish and functional.