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June 29, 2018 1 min to read

4 Tips to Avoid Falls and Slips at Home

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Falling and slipping may seem funny when it happens to most people. However, a major fall or slip can cause a major effect on the physical well-being of a person. People who fall or slip can hit their head or spine, which can result in paralysis or physical disabilities. The owner of the house may also be subjected to lawsuits. Here are four tips that can help you make sure that your home will have less risk of having falls and slips for both the residents and guests:

Install a Handicapped Tub

Handicapped tubs aren’t just for those who have physical disabilities. They’re also perfect for those who want to avoid falling and slipping. You can walk into the tub easily. These tubs are especially perfect for young children and older people, notes Heavenly Walk In Tubs.

Put Up Handrails

If you have stairways, you need to make sure that you have handrails as well. The stairs are among the most common causes of slips and falls, after all. This way, you can go slowly and surely up and down the stairs.

Avoid Blocking Passageways

Eliminate the risk of people falling in the hallways by putting away kid’s toys and other things.

Consider Not Having Tiles in the Bathroom

The bathroom is a common culprit of falls and slips. This is usually because tiles are incredibly slippery when wet. It may be best just to keep the bathroom floor concrete or with pebbles.

Making sure that there will be no falls and slips in your house make both practical and financial sense. Not only will you avoid having to spend money on medical treatment, but you can also prevent any potential lawsuits.