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August 16, 2018 1 min to read

4 Things Child Support Attorneys Should Discuss with Their Clients 

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Child support is one of the most controversial subjects in family law. This is one of the things you should prioritize in case you and your partner decide to separate or divorce. Think about the future of your kids. Hire an experienced child support attorney in Albuquerque to make sure the settlement is clear to both parties.

Before looking for law firms, it is best to do your own research as well. Be familiar with the state laws and the basic family code. Here are some of the important matters you should discuss with your prospective attorneys:

Experience and Previous Cases Handled

During the initial consultation, ask about their credentials and the similar cases they have handled in the past. They should be able to share some of their experiences and how they have worked with their clients. Learn about their strategies and perspectives on your case.

Settlement Concerns

Your lawyer should be able to address all your settlement concerns, including the amount you should provide to or receive from the other parent. There should also be a timeline for the compensation. If there’s no agreement between both parties, the court should make the decisions. Typically, the amount will depend on the financial capabilities and the relationship of the parent to the child.

Child Custody

Most of the family lawyers are also knowledgeable about child custody law. They can give you legal advice in case you want to open this discussion.

Hearing Pointers

You know you’re dealing with a reliable law firm if their team provides emotional and mental support to clients. The process can be physically and emotionally draining. Your lawyer should help you prepare for court hearings and other legal procedures.

Before choosing a child support lawyer, make sure you discuss these things and get clear answers to your questions. If you have other concerns, don’t hesitate to raise them.