4 Reasons a Playground is a Necessity for Schools

Posted on Jan 14 2015 - 12:41pm by Eugenia Gilbreath

School PlaygroundEveryone has a clear idea of what happens in schools. There are hour-long lectures and regular piles of homework. But a school with such a tedious setup fails to develop a child in a holistic manner. This makes playtime a necessity, especially for the young ones – ergo, playgrounds are also essential for schools. Here’s why:

Playground Equipment Build Physical Strength

Moduplay says that playground equipment provides an avenue for children to develop their physical strength in a manner they enjoy. True enough, seesaws, swings, and monkey bars go a long way in helping these kids have stronger muscles and bones.

Playgrounds Provide a Much-Needed Break

The attention span of a child can only go so far. Once you coop them up and hold a classroom lecture, you’ll notice that they would pay little to no attention to what you’re saying. The truth is that kids find the daily grind tiring, just like adults do – only in this case, children consider their several hours of stay in school their daily grind. When there is playtime, these youngsters find a way to take a break and relax before they finish the rest of the day.

Playgrounds Expose Children to the Outdoors

Studies show that children now spend way too little time outdoors. Smartphones and tablets have become their permanent playmates, instead of their fellow children outside. Now, whilst there is nothing wrong in being tech-savvy, children need sunlight. Sunlight triggers the pineal gland to perform its function, which is to regulate the circadian rhythm and improve the immune system.

Playgrounds Develop Social Skills

Social skills are not something textbooks or apps can teach. It is a lesson derived from the experience of interacting with fellow children. This is why, once in a while, it’s helpful for kids to visit the playground. Even paediatricians agree that play has a major role in improving the social development of children and their relationship with the people around them.

A school without a playground misses out on a lot of opportunities to develop a child outside the classroom. Playgrounds, after all, cater to the physical, mental, and social wellness of children.