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July 21, 2018 2 min to read

4 Incorrect Expectations Homeowners Have from Tankless Water Heaters

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The benefits of tankless water heater systems are indisputable. They consume little space, help you economize energy, and ease your fear of running out of hot water. Although having at least one can improve your lifestyle, you may be disappointed with your purchase when your expectations aren’t met.

To buy a tankless water heater in Utah, Idaho, or Wyoming without regret, All Hours Plumbing and HVAC and other industry experts say that you have to debunk these common misconceptions:

1. You Can Swap a Storage Water Heater for Any Tankless Unit

A tankless water heater isn’t always a “plug and play” unit. If you’re planning to buy a gas-powered model, make sure the size of your home’s existing gas piping suits the capacity of your replacement equipment. Tankless units also vent exhaust differently, so take it into account too. Otherwise, your new water heater might underperform, pose a great safety risk, and cause you unhappiness.

2. You Can Get Unlimited Hot Water Supply No Matter What

In theory, a tankless water heater can warm water up for as long as it’s running. However, it might not supply enough when your family’s demand is too high. Consider your household’s hot water needs and the bathing habits of your loved ones. This way, you can buy adequately powerful equipment or multiple units when necessary.

3. You Can Have a Tankless Water Heater Installed Without Permits

Building regulations vary among areas. Tell your local permitting office about your tankless water heater installation first to determine the documents you need before your project could commence. You may need to pull a mechanical, electrical, or gas-piping permit. If you don’t get the thumbs up from the authorities when you should, you might pay fines and be forced to redo everything again.

4. You Can Receive a Tax Rebate with Any Tankless Model

Not all energy-efficient tankless water heaters qualify for federal tax rebates. Normally, the product has to be 14% more efficient than its older counterparts. While modern electric tankless models are 99% efficient, their worst predecessors are 93% efficient. If you truly want to receive incentives with your project, ask your HVAC specialist about your best product options.

A tankless water heater installation project is worth the investment, but make sure to set your expectations properly. If you know exactly what you’re going to get, you can use your unit to excellent effect, and reap plenty of financial rewards from it.